Samantha's Therapeutic Massage

About the Practitioner

Hello, My name is Samantha Foster. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist.
I recieved schooling at Central Mass School of Massage and Spa Therapy where i was certified in Hot Stone Massage and also trained in spa treatments.

Why I do what I do: When I was younger, my dad would pay me $2 every 5 minutes to massage his feet. Then as a senior in high school I had been in the CNA/Home Health Aide program that allowed us to go to local hospitals and nursing homes to help bathe and care for patients as we would on the job. Part of the bathing routine incuded applying lotion while giving a brief massage. One day during the massage part of the routine, the patient yelled,"you have hands sent from heaven!!" This phrase pushed me towards massage more then anything.

I enjoy being able to help people reduce the pain of everyday stressors.

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